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Class is in session. Today, you’ll discover the answers to top employee timekeeping questions. Gain a whole new understanding of “on the clock.”

“Having a basic understanding of employee timekeeping is critical in order to have fairness, stay in compliance with DOL/FLSA, avoiding stiff penalties and even staying out of jail.”

Kate Schuh, Client Service Coordinator

Thanks for your interest in our free ebook! We’ll cover the following questions:

  • Why is Employee Timekeeping Important?
  • What is FLSA?
  • What Counts as Work Time?
  • How Do I Track Employee Work Time?
  • How Do I Handle Different Pay Rates?
  • How Do I Make Sure My Business Is Compliant with Employee Timekeeping Laws?

There’s a lot of information in this little PDF. Enter your email for free access, and don’t forget to share with your colleagues. Enjoy!

Ever wondered if you’re tracking employees’ working hours properly? Do you know your state specific laws or what actually counts as working time in the eyes of the DOL? How do you know if your business is compliant with current timekeeping laws?