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Claims Cost Sharing + Total Employment Solution = Growth


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Read about how this company in California managed to create a safer workplace, happier employees, and save thousands.


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Claims Cost Sharing + Total Employment Solution

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Labor Costs Rising? It’s Just the Way it is, Right?

We’ve met hundreds of employers in California that have reached the point where they were contemplating relocating their business to another state to find relief from staggering increases in employment-related expenses. Key labor expenses continue to increase and show no signs of changing trajectory. It’s a surging cost wave that can be devastating to your business. Business plans, marketing strategies, equipment upgrades, and competitiveness can all be stifled as all available cash is thrown at the “cost beast”. Layoffs, reduced work hours, payroll and benefit cuts, and other standard management countermeasures serve only to worsen the morale of the employees and fuel the potential of another round of costly turnover and claims.

We’re excited to share with you one key insight and model that could change this for your business. It’s called Claims Cost Sharing and the Total Employment Solution.

Lower Labor Costs at Your Company

Your Company can improve operating efficiencies, add additional layers of HR expertise and support to create happier employees, and reduce the overall cost of employment.

This chart shows a real life example of what the cost savings looked like for a California-based company in your area.  Not only were their premium costs quickly and dramatically reduced, they gained access to a total employment solution for long-term strategic growth. Read about their story here.

We can help you identify why your labor costs are rising and help you control them. Get where your company wants to go.