PEO Boise Branch History

The corporate office moved from Virginia to Boise in 1988 and in 1993 we bit the bullet and decided to add PEO clients so the Boise PEO branch was born. We operated that small beginning with corporate staff for two years and as it grew we hired our first Boise payroll specialist (actually a transfer from our accounting staff). That person is still serving her clients and works with a great team. This PEO branch now serves Idaho, Utah and the Pacific Northwest as well as some far-flung clients. When The Cowboy (an Idaho native) first brought Miss Mary to Idaho from Virginia she fell in love and knew this is where she wanted to raise her family. Read the full story here.

Happy Clients from Boise

Best customer service experience of any vendor that I have ever worked with.

Wayne H.Non Profit Company

The quality of customer service that we experience with Employers Resource is unheard of. It’s hard to find that kind personal service these days. I’m honestly surprised they aren’t charging us more for what they do.

Jamie F.Marketing Company

The key to our success is customer satisfaction. By offloading our HR workload to ERM, we’re able to focus 100 percent on our customers. And that’s made all the difference in the world. Thanks to our relationship with Employers Resource, we’re able to give back to our employees by offering great benefits. And we don’t worry about payroll, taxes, workers comp, or regulatory compliance. Employers resource handles it all for us.

Cary and Lynn H.Meridian, ID

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