Emotional Intelligence and Small Business Leadership

Emotional Intelligence and Small Business Leadership

Emotional intelligence is becoming one of most talked about concepts in the business and leadership world today. However, some of you still may be in the dark about this concept, and why so many people are talking about its importance. As explained by this infographic by University of Maryland, emotional intelligence consists of “Skills used […]

Staying Productive: Let the Sun Shine Outside, On Your Business, and In Your Mind

With nice spring and summer weather just around the corner, it’s likely that your mind will start wandering to things like swimming pools, BBQs, pina coladas, and well, anything other than work, really. Staying productive is tough when there’s an abundance of nice weather outside, but you have an abundance of work to get done […]

One Simple Trick to Worry Less and Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

One Simple Trick to Worry Less and Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

Worry: it’s something everyone struggles with to some degree. But, it seems that business leaders have a knack for turning worry into an artform. Whether it’s restless nights about decreasing sales, making payroll, finding the right employees, workplace accidents, or lawsuits, as business owner, you’re exposed to many different opportunities to create ulcer inducing patterns […]

Being Your Own HR Department is a Big Problem

As your company grows, you are suddenly faced with issues you have never experienced previously. Among these, one of the most difficult to navigate is HR needs. While it may seem doable at first, many small business owners quickly realize that being your own HR department is no simple task. Before you had any employees, things […]

Don’t Be Fooled by These Myths About Leadership

For any organization to succeed, there needs to be strong leadership. This is especially true for small businesses. Without clear direction and motivation, it is unlikely for a company to meet its goals and succeed. Unfortunately, in the business world there are many people who seem to think that effective leadership always looks the same. […]

8 Common HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Part 2)

Last week, we covered the first four of the most common HR mistakes we see small business owners make, how to avoid them, and how to correct any that you have already made. This week, we are back with the next four mistakes we see being commonly made. Just like it was with Part 1, […]

Linda McMahon: From Wrestlemania to Head of the Small Business Administration

Governmental regulations are one of the most difficult things for any small business to keep track of. This is especially true after an election, when there are large scale changes in leadership and policy. One change that small businesses should pay attention to right now is the recent appointment of Linda McMahon as head of […]

Myths About Small Business

Small businesses are truly the backbone of America. Unfortunately, there are many myths about small business that need to be busted, though. Here are a few of these misconceptions, and what the reality actually is.  Myth #1: Most American Businesses are Large Corporations One of the biggest myths about American business is that large corporations […]

Using the Four Basic Steps of Progressive Discipline to Instruct Instead of Punish

Establishing discipline procedures is critical to the effective enforcement of work rules. For numerous reasons, many employers adopt a progressive discipline system, which imposes increasingly severe penalties for repeated offenses. One of the biggest advantages of progressive discipline is not actually about punitive discipline, however. It is its ability to help employees improve their behavior […]

Rekindle the Passion for Your Business

One of the most common struggles in any relationship is how to keep the fire alive as time goes on, and new things get in the way. This is especially true if you have children. Suddenly, all the time you and your partner devoted to each other is taken up by the responsibilities of raising […]