10 questions to ask before hiring a peo

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PEO Company

Ready to radically reduce the complexity of running your business and having employees? Looking to free up your time and your HR staff’s time to focus on the more important business initiatives? Do you wish you had more time to work on things like: Hiring and Recruitment Engagement and Retention Culture Growth Initiatives It might […]

What Kind of Business Uses a PEO?

What kind of business uses a PEO? Is a PEO a good fit for your company? Maybe you aren’t sure if your business is the type that would use a PEO, or think that your needs are different than what a PEO could offer you. However, a wider range of businesses utilize the services of […]

Rekindle the Passion for Your Business

One of the most common struggles in any relationship is how to keep the fire alive as time goes on, and new things get in the way. This is especially true if you have children. Suddenly, all the time you and your partner devoted to each other is taken up by the responsibilities of raising […]

Are You an Entrepreneur or Professional Employer?

As you build a company and start finding success, you are sure to reach a point where you simply cannot handle any more work without bringing in additional help. When this happens, you end up hiring employees. It is exciting to grow your business and bring more people on board to work toward achieving your […]

How a PEO Helps Your Business Grow [SlideShare]

If you’re wondering what the PEO solution can do for your small business, this slideshare is for you. We’ll cover what a PEO is, how a PEO helps your business grow, and how you can get started. Whether you’re a business owner, HR professional, payroll administrator, or entrepreneur, a Professional Employer Organization can benefit your […]

image of a man with a black button-up shirt standing at a barista counter with a laptop and paper in his hands. He is the business owner or manager. There are two baristas on either side of him making coffee and serving customers.

Compliance Solutions To Help Small Businesses Survive and Thrive

You’ve got enough plates spinning. Do you really want to add compliance worry to your troubles? Imagine if you could let somebody else worry about it? Someone who’s extensively experienced in your industry and in government compliance. Sounds like a dream right? Well, they say dreams are only dreams if you don’t do anything about […]

Here’s Why You Need a Team of Payroll Experts on Your Side

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of payroll experts take a chunk of administrative burdens off your plate? Specialists are always better than generalists, right? They say a jack of all trades is a master of none. Here are a few good reasons why you need a team of payroll experts on your […]

Image of a row of 6 different mailboxes. Behind the mailboxes are plants and foliage.

5 Common HR Solutions and Why You Should Think Outside the Box

These are five common HR solutions we see a lot of businesses using these days. They may be common, but that doesn’t mean they are always good for business. Weigh your options and maybe consider trying something outside the box. You might find that one of these options works fine for your business needs. Whether […]

image of hands holding a pen on paper at a desk. photo has a transparent blue filter over it

Why Do PEO Companies Care About Your General Liability Insurance

Why would a PEO company require their client to carry general liability insurance, provide them with Certificate of Insurance that evidences the coverage, name them as a Certificate Holder, and to list them as an Additional Insured?  These are common questions and we thought we’d take a swing at answering it. In this article, you’ll […]

woman in business suit holds her head in her hands with frustration. she is leaned on her disk with piles of paperwork

The Frustrating Parts About Working with Other Giant PEO Companies

You’ve probably heard of a few of the big boys running around in the PEO playground. But, the obvious choice might not always be the best choice for your business. Consider these major frustrations that clients have found and shared with us after working with some of these giant PEO companies. Fewer Plan Options When […]