10 questions to ask before hiring a peo

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PEO Company

Ready to radically reduce the complexity of running your business and having employees? Looking to free up your time and your HR staff’s time to focus on the more important business initiatives? Do you wish you had more time to work on things like: Hiring and Recruitment Engagement and Retention Culture Growth Initiatives It might […]

8 Common HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Part 2)

Last week, we covered the first four of the most common HR mistakes we see small business owners make, how to avoid them, and how to correct any that you have already made. This week, we are back with the next four mistakes we see being commonly made. Just like it was with Part 1, […]

1099 vs W2: How 4 Different Agencies View Independent Contractor Relationships [Infographic]

There are many reasons that employers need to understand the differences between 1099 vs W2. The misclassification of independent contractors is a serious issue our country is facing right now, and failing to meet rules and regulations in order to remain compliant could potentially land your company in hot water. However, you do not only […]

Myths About Independent Contractors

12 Myths About Independent Contractors Debunked by DOL [Infographic]

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is an incredibly serious problem our country is facing right now. While some companies do this maliciously because they hope to save money and get a leg up on the competition, many are simply mistaken about which classification is correct. This problem is only made worse by many […]

W2 vs 1099

W2 vs 1099: What Employers Need to Know About this Apples and Oranges Comparison [FREE EBOOK]

The misclassification of independent contractors is a serious issue in our country today, and could potentially get your business into hot water with the government. This is obviously the last thing you would want, but like many people, you may be confused about the differences between W2 vs 1099. We want to eliminate this confusion […]

Using the Four Basic Steps of Progressive Discipline to Instruct Instead of Punish

Establishing discipline procedures is critical to the effective enforcement of work rules. For numerous reasons, many employers adopt a progressive discipline system, which imposes increasingly severe penalties for repeated offenses. One of the biggest advantages of progressive discipline is not actually about punitive discipline, however. It is its ability to help employees improve their behavior […]

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Who is Responsible for New Employee Orientation?

What is new employee orientation? Who conducts the process? Is it different than onboarding? Who is involved? You might think new employee orientation is HR’s responsibility, but there are many hands in the pot. Orientation and onboarding play a critical role in the happiness, productivity, engagement, and retention of your employees. Their time with your […]

image of multiple hands picking up papers off a table and writing on paper. Image has a transparent grey filter over it with words in white that say, "New employee orientation resources"

A Roundup of New Employee Orientation Resources for Employers

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of work researching and writing articles and creating resources for employers on new employee orientation. We realize that hiring, onboarding, orientation, engagement, and retention can be some of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks of employers and their teams.

Image of a sign that says, "Ask more questions." Sign is on a wall in-between two clocks

10 Tough Sample Interview Questions for Employers to Ask

Interviews are tough anyways, so why ask tough questions? Because it helps you get to the root of someone’s personality. It will help you see how they react when they are tested and challenged.

how to avoid common new hire training mistakes red image with messy desk

How to Avoid 4 Common New Hire Training Mistakes

So, you’ve found your new hire. Congratulations! Time to get to work, new hire training time. Everyone’s excited, right? Well, maybe not. But, we can make onboarding as painless as possible. Once you’ve found the right person and they’ve accepted your offer, some employers might think their job is done. But oh, would they be […]