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New OSHA Rules Can Affect Post-accident Drug Testing and Employee Safety Incentive Programs

In the middle of May this year, OSHA issued a final rule on Recordkeeping and Reporting of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses. As with most missives from our friends at OSHA, the new rules cover a multitude of things that employers must do to comply. Most of the requirements under the new recordkeeping and reporting rule […]

Do You Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Recent natural events have created havoc among a number of businesses of all types (including us here at Employers Resource). Hurricanes along the gulf coast and Puerto Rico, devastating wild fires in California and other northwestern states have brought destruction to thousands of homes and businesses alike. Even if a business in the affected area […]

The 10 Most Common OSHA Violations in 2016

Our friends at OSHA released their top ten list of 2016’s most common OSHA violations. This list has changed very little in the last ten years, which shows how important it is to understand OSHA compliance and how to prevent these violations for your business before they become a problem. Same Story, Different Year Unfortunately, […]

Your OSHA 300 Log and Compliance Just Got More Complicated Thanks to this New Recordkeeping Rule

In 2013, OSHA proposed an electronic recordkeeping rule which would require large employers to report recordable workplace injuries online—directly to OSHA. The new proposed rule was the subject of much debate as well as a couple of federal lawsuits brought against OSHA by employer groups. As a result of legal activity, implementation of the new […]

Top Ten Most Violated OSHA Standards

Near the end of each year safety organizations around the world publish their list of “most frequent OSHA violations of 20XX”.  I know this because every one of those organizations sends me countless e-mails about it.  The truth is each list contains virtually the same items – maybe in a little different order, but the […]

So You Have a Small Business? OSHA is Still Watching!

Time was that OSHA wouldn’t mess with any company that had fewer than 10 employees. Times have changed! If your small company is engaged in certain types of business – especially if your business has the potential to cause a catastrophic occurrence – you’re on OSHA’s radar! The fertilizer company in West, Texas that experienced […]