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Human Resources

Up-to-date advice to keep your company in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Payroll Services

Our personalized PEO client services take the headache out of your payroll.


Keeping your business in compliance with regulations and policies.

Workers' Comp

Our claims processing is smooth and seamless for your employees.


We're the PEO to help you navigate the many changes in benefit laws.

The PEO Advantage

Employers Resource is a national PEO (Professional Employer Organization) with 8 branch offices around the country designed to serve our clients. Clients choose to partner with a PEO to help them manage all of their employment related duties. There is an advantage to working with us (a PEO with almost 30 years of industry experience). To learn more about those PEO advantages.Read More

Why Choose Employers Resource as Your PEO?

Learn what sets us apart from other PEO companies. Read More

Employers Resource Center

7 Questions To Ask While Shopping PEOs
7 Questions To Ask While Shopping PEOs

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Workers Comp and Safety: PEO Companies Offer a Proven Path to OSHA Compliance

Does Your Small Company Have the Skills On-Site to Ensure Compliance with OSHA? A PEO might be your best option! Given the state of today’s economy and business environment, many small-to-medium-sized…

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Benefits: List of Qualifying Events for Employee Benefits

Occasionally, employees will have life-changing events during the year which require a change to their insurance coverage. These events are called “qualifying events” because they qualify the employee to make…

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What's Trending: To Those Who Have Overcome

Running a business is tough in more ways than I have time here to explain. If you’re an employer or have been one, you know what I am talking about….

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Who We're Talking About: 11th Annual Bears for Babes on August 5th

What: The 11th Annual Bears for Babes Place: Texas Children’s Hospital – Volunteer Office 6621 Fannin Room A-125 Houston, TX 77030 Entrance 11- Valet Parking When: Tuesday,  August   5 th 10:00 AM to…

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