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Human Resources

Up-to-date advice to keep your company in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Payroll Services

Our personalized PEO client services take the headache out of your payroll.


Keeping your business in compliance with regulations and policies.

Workers' Comp

Our claims processing is smooth and seamless for your employees.


We're the PEO to help you navigate the many changes in benefit laws.

Hiring a PEO is Like Hiring the Ideal Employee

What if you could hire the ideal employee to work at your business? Meet Moe and learn how he can help you discover more time, more compliance, more savings, and more protection. Read More

The PEO Advantage

Employers Resource is a national PEO (Professional Employer Organization) with 8 branch offices around the country designed to serve our clients. Clients choose to partner with a PEO to help them manage all of their employment related duties. There is an advantage to working with us (a PEO with 30 years of industry experience). To learn more about those PEO advantages.Read More

Employers Resource Center

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A blog to help you build and protect your American Dream
  • Better Leaders Make Better Employees

    Leadership Quotes to Inspire You Take Blame and Give Credit As a business owner it’s tempting to see a problem and point the finger of blame at your employees. Have you considered the impact the l…

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  • Retention Starts on Day 1 - An Onboarding Checklist

    When a new employee is introduced into your company they won’t know what to expect. The first few months will set the tone, positive or negative, for the rest of that employee’s experience with yo…

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  • 3 Unique Tips to Make Work Fun for Your Employees

    Startups and fast growing companies need to find a way to keep their employees engaged. Growth can demand so much attention that employers often overlook the happiness of the people who are supporting…

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  • What's on the Fed's Radar? Part 2 - OSHA

    Here we are, presenting Part 2 of our 5 part series, What's on the Fed's Radar? This week we're talking about OSHA compliance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to ensure safe an…

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  • EPLI, WCI and ADR: What’s the Difference?

    Rainy days will come, it’s a part of life. Rainy days for a business take the form of workplace injuries, workplace disputes, and employees suing their employers.…

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